Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Give away winner

First off a massive thank you to everyone who joined in and hello to all my new followers. 
As you can see from the pics my lovely daughter ( aged 6 months) drew the winner....she actually tried to eat you!!

The winner is DEBBIE

Can you email me at a.k.mcgovern AT  and i will email the voucher to you

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Giveaway Details and Entry

Im not sure anyone saw my last post as i mucked about with settings. If you missed it and fancy seeing what i have been upto here the link ***Quick update***

As i have reached 50 followers and 5000 page views i have decided to do a giveaway.

The prize will be for a voucher for HAED  for the amount of £20. (gbp)

The giveaway Will run for 1 week from today. (23-30th Jan)

To enter you must be a follower and comment on this post.
That's it!!

 I will draw names out of a hat/bowl/bucket/toy box - depending on what i can find on the day.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Quick update

Hi all i have been trying to do this update for days now! For some reason Blogger wouldn't let me upload pics. Very strange. So not much stitching has been done. This is because i have been practising on my sewing machines. Having 3 of them , 2 of which are vintage has given me a kick up the arse to learn how to use them. My partner is actually alot better with them then me. I aim to be able to make a custom bedding set for my daughters cot and some cute dresses and such like. I admit i have spent more time looking at patterns and fabrics then i have sewing in a straight line.
Over the weekend My partner and I brought a new cot for my daughter as her old one was way to big to fit in the cove in our bedroom. Its a pity because it was a lovely oak cotbed. Now we have a new one we have lots more room and even managed to make that side of the room nursery like. I have never been able to do a nursery room for either of my children due to lack of room and funds. So being able to do this actually made me cry alittle. It will look alot better once we have redecorated and I have made the bedding. For now though i am happy that it looks pretty-ish
Esmai seems rather happy with it too.

While doing my little bit of sewing practise i made a dinosaur for my niece. I also gave her sister the pillow i had finally finished.

Esmai has grown alittle and is a very happy girl,from morning till night shes constant smiles and giggles. Connor is doing great in school and last week received "Pablo the Parrot" (the class mascot) who was allowed to stay at our house for the weekend as he has been so well behaved! I'm unbelievably proud of him. More so since he is wearing his eye patch everyday with no fuss at all.

As i have now reached 50 followers and over 5000 page views i feel its time for a giveaway. It has been ages since i have done one. Details and entry will be in the next post. Which will possibly be written tonight or tommorow.

Hello to all the new followers!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Whoop Whoop

Well being that its only the 4th of January 2013 i think i have done well to finish 2 projects already.
First up is a pillow i started ages ago ~Click for original post~ This is for my niece , I had hoped to have it done for her birthday but that didnt happen, and then i thought it would make a good Xmas pressie, well that didnt happen either.Well its all done now. When i have finished something for her older sister we can take them over.
 I have also made my very first bootie. I have always wanted to make boots and mittens but cant read a pattern. Any crochet i have done before my Nana has explained or i have winged it. This time i read the pattern and you tubed bits i didnt understand and after roughly 90mins of swearing the first bootie was made!! Its not perfect but i made it without any help so i am very pleased with the outcome. (Its a purple boot not blue like the pic makes it look) Now i just got to wait for my daughter to grow into them.