Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Introducing Baby Esmai

Baby Esmai was born on Friday the 13th. Weighing 6lbs 3ozs. She is perfect!!!

I was induced 2 days later than planned as the labour ward was too busy. It took 2 attempts to work, I went in at 7:30am and had my waters broke at 9pm, by 10:30pm she was here. She was so quick my partner almost missed it! He had gone home to put my son to bed after being told he had hours to spare only to get a phone call saying I was 7cms and had already started pushing, which I got told off for. He made it to the hospital with 10minutes to spare. The midwife wasn’t ready and didn’t even have gloves on , so she was born with no one to catch her, was very lucky because if I had been a foot further down the bed she would of landed on the floor.

We are having problems breastfeeding mainly as she seems very lazy (wont latch)  and more content to have formula so I’m not sure how long we will keep trying. I brought loads of cloth nappies, which are so cute but she’s too small to wear them at the moment, but hopefully won’t be for too long!

Minutes old
All Snug
Proud Daddy
Me,Connor and Esmai

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

T-minus 7days!!


I was planning on showing a few pics of why i have been away but my camera is packed in my hospital bag as this time next week i should hopefully be in labour! I am being induced on the 11/7/12 at 7:30AM!!! Ouch its gonna be a early start! I have stitched and if i suddenly decide to repack my bag yet again ill make sure i grab a quick pic. We have also been decorating the whole house....what made me think we could get it finished in time ill never know.
So this post is just a quick one to  let you know im still about and i have finally stitched at last! The house is being done and i only have 7 days to get everything ready....where did i put the coffee????

Wish me luck!!!