Wednesday, 4 July 2012

T-minus 7days!!


I was planning on showing a few pics of why i have been away but my camera is packed in my hospital bag as this time next week i should hopefully be in labour! I am being induced on the 11/7/12 at 7:30AM!!! Ouch its gonna be a early start! I have stitched and if i suddenly decide to repack my bag yet again ill make sure i grab a quick pic. We have also been decorating the whole house....what made me think we could get it finished in time ill never know.
So this post is just a quick one to  let you know im still about and i have finally stitched at last! The house is being done and i only have 7 days to get everything ready....where did i put the coffee????

Wish me luck!!!


Ewa said...

Good luck and congratulations!

Mouse said...

good luck with everything :) and let us know how you both are as soon as you can :) love mouse xxxxxx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Good Luck with the induction! If it doesn't work first time then insist on having your waters broke. They had three failed attempts with me before hubby put his foot down and said he'd deliver the baby himself if they didn't sort it out!
Also, you may get "prostin pains" which are like labour pains but in a different place. My TENS machine wouldn't touch them whereas it was brilliant with the proper labour pains. You may need different pain relief for them, don't be afraid to ask, there's no glory in suffering unnecessarily!
On a lighter note - looking forward to seeing new baby pics soon!

XXXStitching (Emma) said...

Good luck for next week hope everything goes well. I'll be thinking of you. xxx

Stephie said...

Oh good luck!! Hope the induction goes well. Can't wait to see pics of the little bundle :D xx