Sunday, 25 May 2014

More progress then i thought!

I have spent 2 nights working on my sewing, the rest of the time i have been working (the boring kind)
I was surprised at how much i had managed to get done. I didn't realize how much until i looked at my last update. I would hate to jinx myself but *whispers* I think i might have it done in time for Xmas this year!.....Maybe. A year late is better then never ....right?

Yesterday we went down to a local park with my parents. It was the first time in ages they have been able to come down and play with the kids, due to everyone's health problems. My Dad had more fun then the kids and i expect he would have slept well last night as he was charging round the park chasing the kids, who of course loved being chased by the child eating Ogre! 

It feels like ages since i have updated how the Sprogs are getting on:

Connor: Is really enjoying being home Educated. All the nightmares have gone! He is growing in confidence. He never fails to surprise me with his love of learning, which has made a recent reappearance. He is struggling with a bad bout of hay-fever at the moment so is having to take meds daily. Its his birthday in 15 days. He is massively over excited.

Esmai: We have hit the Terrible 2's a little early. She is into climbing everything and anything. She is sleeping better and slowly stopping boobie. She loves anything vaguely baby shaped or furry and has a fascination with her coat and the word "Nooooo" and "Stuck"
This went on for almost a hour!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014


I finished this page a few days ago but had run out of another thread. This is the page finished other then the white.
 And a quick reminder how she looks all together