Monday, 27 February 2012

quick one

There seems to be problems with the word verification thingy so i have disabled it.
Ive been doing loads of stitching on a new project but cant say anymore as its a present . i have been taking progress pics so when i can reveal it i will do a mega post. Its not something that i would normally stitch so its been really refreshing and fun. It will also be my first finish of the year . i will be revealing it at the end of march.
I have now reached over 2000 page views!! I am 2 or 3 posts away from 100 posts so i might do a little giveaway depending on money at the time so it might be a late one.
Baby is cooking well and driving me mad. I keep getting really strong kicks right in my stomach which has made me throw up a few times! I had a scare a little while ago and had a small bleed but everything is ok.
Connor has his first parent – teacher meeting on the 8th at his nursery. I am so excited as its a new thing the nursery has brought in. I get to talk to his key worker and find out what sort of things he gets upto and who he plays with. I know that he has friends now and that his behavoir has improved. Im really looking forward to hearing about what they have to say

Monday, 20 February 2012

update and baby#2

Hello. Well after my accident a few days ago I have done a little stitching. More then I had hoped to get done so I’m quite happy with it. It seems to have stitched up really quickly. I can’t believe how many different colors are in one area. The picture of the completed project doesn’t do it justice at all. Neither does my pic, there are loads of pretty colours in it. So far this is a joy to stitch on.
For some reason blogger has turn the pic around. It’s actually the top line going right across not down the side

So for a baby update. I am now almost 18weeks gone. I feel massive already but that’s mainly due to the baby being long and in a weird position. Its feet are by my spine and its head by my belly button. This is making me look nearer to 7 months pregnant. And also explains the kidney shots it’s been giving me. So far it has been agreed to induce me 2 weeks early but it might be sooner depending on how my health goes and how quickly the lungs mature.  It’s so annoying not being able to tell people how much longer I got because I don’t know. The pain is getting bad where my muscles are stretching I have now been about 11 weeks without any painkillers and my mood shows that I’m struggling, and I hate mornings with a new found passion.  In all honesty I’m kinda looking forward to the hospital bed rest the midwife is insistent I will need. Just think of all that time for stitching!!
Connor is really excited about the baby, he felt it kick a few days ago, and he said it made my belly feel like jelly! Charming right?  He is a little confused but not as much as I thought he would be. He is insistent that there is a baby in his belly too.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Talent! I has it.....

Yep its official I'm the worlds biggest idiot.
I haven't managed to do any stitching thanks to one of the more comical parts of EDS ( for other people of course) one of the biggest reasons I end up pretty much living at the hospital is most EDSers are extremely clumsy. So what did I manage to do then I hear you sigh.

I shut my hand in the cooker. Yep you can stop the puzzled looks , I'm not totally sure how I managed it. But it bloody hurt. It's still very sore even days after it happened. Bruising isn't too bad which is surprising but it's still swollen.

So have you stopped laughing yet?

After the whole cooker incident I then managed to trip over the vertical part of a door frame. Yep the bit that's actually attached to the wall.

That my friends takes talent!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

A new start - Yule Fairy

I have started “Yule fairy” so far I have 199 stitches completed.

It took forever to grid the fabric using thread but I think I may have found a pen that is thin enough to work on 25count but if not I have ordered one that claims to be ultra fine so hopefully it will make gridding the rest of it easy.

 I feel it’s stitched up pretty quick and hope it stays that way

I did start on doing some more but to me the colour looks wrong. It looks too green where as in the picture of the finished piece it’s more of a grey

Monday, 6 February 2012

Simba's first snow

Well after my last post about pathetic snow we got a good lot! Easily a good 4-5 inches! I woke up (way over excited considering I’m 23) at 5am and spent the next 3 hours waiting rather impatiently for Connor to get up so I could go play. I woke him at 8am. I couldn’t wait any longer.
Simba loved the snow and was out pouncing for hours he eventually returned home and slept for 5 hours solid. Please excuse the background noise.

Tonight I will be starting “Yule Fairy” I have been playing about with gridding options but haven’t found anything fantastic being skint has meant I haven’t been able to try any pens other than the ones I already got.
Dreamdragons shows went very well if you ignore the pyrotechnics setting the fire alarm off on one performance.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Yule Fairy

Good morning! How is everyone? I have a quick question before i forget : 
Does anyone know of a fabric pen that has a small enough nib to be able to grid on 25 count fabric? The gridding pens I have are way too big to be able to grid clearly.
As I’ve seen a lot of people sharing snow pics I thought I would share mine. We had snow yesterday morning. Now I should point out now it was extremely pathetic more like a light sprinkle. We didn’t even have a snowball fight, which sucks. Hopefully we will have some more overnight.

Connor rather unimpressed
Out the kitchen window

My thread pack for “Yule Fairy” arrived today, I was so excited. Head on over to Cross stitch Heaven. I love how it’s all pre-sorted and kept together by a key ring. Delivery was fast and the lady was lovely J
I hope to make a start tonight by doing the first 100 squares. I won’t get much done on it this week though as I am helping out at Dreamdragons this weekend. We have shows Friday, twice on Saturday and Sunday then the following Sunday. I’ll be doing front of house as I’m not allowed to lift anything heavy. Lots of showing people to their seats and making drinks. I’m quite looking forward to it. We are taking Connor to see the show on Saturday morning. Its gonna be so much fun. My dad, granddad, aunt, and a few members of family and of course close friends will all be in it. My dad and granddad are playing a double act. There terrible when they get together they both suddenly become little children and spent the whole time they are together mucking about. It’s so much fun to watch!

Thread pack

New start
I’ve made progress on bubbas blanket but not enough to warrant a picture. 5 rows seems like nothing when I laid it out to take a pic lol