Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween :D

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I thought I would wait until today to save doing two posts. There’s been a fair amount of stitching going on, but no pic today. The progress made is hardly noticeable so I’ll wait till next Sunday and post. There is only 11 days till my dad’s birthday so hopefully I’ll be able to finish if not it will be his Xmas present.
So Halloween is not something that I normally go to town about. We go trick or treating but only a few houses of people we know well. Pumpkins are normally silly faces, I rarely dress up and haven’t since I have had Connor. This year I decided to make an effort now that Connor is a little bit older. We did some pumpkin carving, decorated the front windows and went trick or treating. I had so much fun.

Mr Oogie Boogie

Cute Spider
Connor was very shy while trick or treating. He said thank you but didn’t say trick or treat. When the doors were opened he insisted in giving the owners his sweets he had brought from home! He got a very good haul for only 6 houses.
Vampire Connor
Next year I plan on doing more Halloween wise. Decorate the house. Dress up. We’re talking about having a house party. Maybe even a little spooky stitching. Starting earlier will help i think. Its been too much of a rush to get everything done.

Decorations at night

Monday, 24 October 2011

Manic weekend

Hello all.....

I’m sorry for not updating yesterday like I normally do. This weekend has been manic. Saturday I was helping at drama group in the morning. In the afternoon we took a family trip to the woods. It was so much fun. Me and Connor collected different colour and shaped leaves and twigs, acorns and a stone. We took Simba with us, it was his first time in a woods. He done amazingly! Was very nervous at first but settled into it very quickly and was soon climbing trees and dragging my partner through the undergrowth.
Steve and Simba

Walking the cat

A spot of tree climbing
Early hours Sunday morning I was woken up by the doorbell ringing. It was very surreal as it took me a few minutes to work out if it was a dream or not. I stumbled downstairs trying to put my dressing gown on the wrong way round while attempting to remove the hair from my eyes. I looked through the spy hole- couldn’t see anything- thought it might of been a dream. Just as I was covering up the spy hole I saw movement. The only thing that crossed my mind is I’m gonna get murdered. My heart was racing. So instead of waking my partner up or going back to bed I opened the door- fast (hoping for the element of surprise). My partners brother was stood there 4:30 in the morning. His partner had gone into labour yay!!!  He dropped his daughter off and she settled to sleep on the sofa. I went back to bed and got a little sleep. Later in the day we did some gluing and sticking the things me and Connor had collected at the woods. Steve’s mum came over for Sunday roast. We took the kids to the park. By about 7pm I ready for bed.
Baby Skye was born weighing 7lbs 12oz. There were complications but mother and baby are doing very well and came home today.
So that’s why I don’t have a decent amount stitching to show but here it is:
Strength first 7 rows done
I have a question for you all:
Do you personalise your charts? When you’re stitching and mess up like I have done a lot on strength do you "frog" it or rip out the bad bit and start again? I quite like knowing that there are little mistakes in my work. It makes it personal to me. If it’s a big mistake I will correct it but otherwise I tend to work around them. In strength there is a whole extra row of stitches which I didn’t notice till I was half way through. I’ve frogged past it and knowing that there’s a whole row of stitches that no one else has done makes it special to me! What about you?

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Just a quick one!

This is the progress on strength. I have completed four rows. There was loads of confetti stitches and its felt like it’s taken forever. I’m glad to have the first part done. In the pic it looks like its bowed little bit it’s just the way it was laying as I took the pic. It’s amazing how many different shades of green there is in there. I personally think it would look just as good with half the colours.
First four rows

The kittens have all found new homes now. And the house is just a bit too quite, I am seriously considering getting a German bearded dragon. One of my friends has it but they are not at home enough to keep it happy. I’m not sure yet but it’s got a lovely smile.
"Doris" the german bearded dragon

Joyzse the plant that the flower is from is a common spider plant. And it seems almost impossible to kill :D
I do not own this picture

i do not own this picture

( both pics taken from google)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Stitching Frenzy

This week I surprised myself how much progress I made on strength. I think it’s because I wound myself up so much over my last blog post I have been in a stitching frenzy .it doesn’t look like I have done much, but I have made loads of progress it just doesn’t show that much. Mainly filling in gaps of the green. 
Full view

Some filling in

More filling in
I have been thinking about how much bigger this design is then I thought it would be. It’s so much bigger than any bookmark I have used and certainly bigger than most of my books. I am now toying with the idea of framing it and using it as a wall piece instead. I have never framed anything before so it will be a new challenge

I have flowers! If you have followed my blog for a while you may have picked up on the fact that I love gardening, but cant for the life of me keep anything alive for long. One of the plants I thought was almost dead has flowers!!! YAY ME!!!
The kittens are now 8+ weeks old and this week 3 of them will be leaving to climb a whole new set of curtains. I’m going to be glad of the peace but I will miss them when they are gone.
Who would of thought a folded down push chair would be so comfy?

I have been having problems with commenting on blogs. I don’t know why but I’m going to get my amazing boyfriend to have a look later tonight.
I have been “stashing” and once all my orders turn up I will tell you more about what I got. I have found some amazing pieces mainly charts but some other wonderful bits and pieces.

Monday, 3 October 2011

And the panic starts to set in.....

Arrrrghhhh I only have just over a month till my dad’s birthday. Starting to wonder if I will have strength finished in time. I wanted to have it finished way before so I didn’t have to rush through it. But as I have been ill or just haven’t felt like stitching I haven’t got as far as I hoped. I was amazed to see that on the lettering hardly any of it is black.
As of 2nd October

I think after I have finished this I will do a few smaller designs. I have found a program that converts pictures into charts. I have been considering having a few more tattoos done and started playing about with the program. A few of the designs I have been thinking about have came out really well. So I was thinking maybe stitch them before they are inked. They would also make perfect travel or fishing patterns as they are small and mainly in black.

We have been fishing a lot lately which is great fun. The heat is still killing me but I have been coping better the last few days. We have come up with a plan that seems to be working during the hottest part of the day, I do nothing! Between 11am and 6pm no housework is even attempted. The most taxing thing I do is make lunch or empty my son’s potty. That’s it. Nothing. Nada. Nil.  And I’ll let you into a little secret.....I have enjoyed every second of it!!!
Steve's first fish
Our new friend
Just before we left fishing on Saturday a total stranger walked past us with a pigeon on his shoulder. I pointed it out to Connor and the bloke came over and talked to us. He said he had found the bird the day before. It hasn’t been hurt from what he could tell. It just edged its way over to him and sat on his shoulder. He took it home and it hadn’t left him alone since. It could fly perfectly fine, didn’t look tagged and said that we can keep it as the kids (and my partner) loved it, and left. There we were left holding a pigeon at 8:30pm. After a little while we decided to see if it really could fly and it did. It flew away into the night and we went home. It was extremely surreal.
Connor has started to show a interest in reading and writing. I am in my element! I love reading and writing and love learning. His doing very well and has made more progress on letter forming and tracing then i thought he would.

Look at that penmanship!!

Loving every secound of this!!
I am so sorry about my late update. Last night I locked myself in the bathroom ,run a hot bubble bath and read some of my book, it was heaven! I have been reading your great blogs but for some reason haven’t been able to comment.