Monday, 3 October 2011

And the panic starts to set in.....

Arrrrghhhh I only have just over a month till my dad’s birthday. Starting to wonder if I will have strength finished in time. I wanted to have it finished way before so I didn’t have to rush through it. But as I have been ill or just haven’t felt like stitching I haven’t got as far as I hoped. I was amazed to see that on the lettering hardly any of it is black.
As of 2nd October

I think after I have finished this I will do a few smaller designs. I have found a program that converts pictures into charts. I have been considering having a few more tattoos done and started playing about with the program. A few of the designs I have been thinking about have came out really well. So I was thinking maybe stitch them before they are inked. They would also make perfect travel or fishing patterns as they are small and mainly in black.

We have been fishing a lot lately which is great fun. The heat is still killing me but I have been coping better the last few days. We have come up with a plan that seems to be working during the hottest part of the day, I do nothing! Between 11am and 6pm no housework is even attempted. The most taxing thing I do is make lunch or empty my son’s potty. That’s it. Nothing. Nada. Nil.  And I’ll let you into a little secret.....I have enjoyed every second of it!!!
Steve's first fish
Our new friend
Just before we left fishing on Saturday a total stranger walked past us with a pigeon on his shoulder. I pointed it out to Connor and the bloke came over and talked to us. He said he had found the bird the day before. It hasn’t been hurt from what he could tell. It just edged its way over to him and sat on his shoulder. He took it home and it hadn’t left him alone since. It could fly perfectly fine, didn’t look tagged and said that we can keep it as the kids (and my partner) loved it, and left. There we were left holding a pigeon at 8:30pm. After a little while we decided to see if it really could fly and it did. It flew away into the night and we went home. It was extremely surreal.
Connor has started to show a interest in reading and writing. I am in my element! I love reading and writing and love learning. His doing very well and has made more progress on letter forming and tracing then i thought he would.

Look at that penmanship!!

Loving every secound of this!!
I am so sorry about my late update. Last night I locked myself in the bathroom ,run a hot bubble bath and read some of my book, it was heaven! I have been reading your great blogs but for some reason haven’t been able to comment.


Lonneke said...

I am sure you will get it done before your father's birthday. And if not, he probably won't mind if he gets it a little later.
Doing nothing 'legally' is so much better then not being able to anything while you should do something! Enjoy it!

Stitching Noni said...

Hi there! Amber, stop stressing!!! I am sure you will get "Strength" finished in time for your Dad's birthday, but if you don't the world won't end. Your Dad will appreciate all your hard work even if it's a couple of days late - and he will still appreciate it knowing that you didn't make yourself ill stressing over getting it finished in time. Relax and enjoy the process!

I love your story about the stranger and the pigeon. How strange is that...

Well done Connor! It's so good to see him wanting to learn to read and write :o)

Take care,

Joysze said...

Good luck with Strength. I bet you'll have it done with time to spare. :D

Connor is darling.... oh my goodness!!! How cute is he lying on his belly learning to write. :D

Jenny said...

Krystaline - it looks great. Just hang in there! You definitely deserve something quick and easy after you are done with Strength!

krystaline said...

Lonneke- i think i "might" be able to finish it in time, may have to be up till early hours of the morning a few times tho

Stitching Noni- i know he will love it, i just want it to be perfect, Hope all is well with you :)

Joysze- awwww thanks yes connor is amazing :)

Jenny- yeah my partner seems to think so too and treated me to a chart i have been lusting after for ages :D