Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Page finish!

First page finish!
I was hoping to post this days ago but everything went wrong at the same time.

Just after we had coped with half term Connor had a massive GI Haemorrhage caused by HSP on Saturday. We took him to our local A & E where we waited for over 5 hours to see a Doctor, When we did get to see him, he went mental that  we had waited so long in the waiting room and within a hour of seeing him we was in a ambulance (being blued and twoed) on the way to a specialist surgeon in London. We got there at 4am and other then the ambulance driver knocking over a small wall and getting us lost we got there very quickly.
There was a surgeon waiting and a blood transfer which thankfully he didn't need. After lots of tests and waiting the bleeding died off and we was eventually allowed to go home. The whole experience was horrible. Not only because of Connors health problems but also the attitude of the staff and the child in the bed next to us in London constantly sweared and screamed at everyone which terrified Connor and Esmai. We are very glad to be home

Hopefully in a few days everything will be back to normal and I can start page 2