Sunday, 16 March 2014

Another page 6 update

Excuse the blurry photo apparently the camera lens wasn't clean

I think this is possibly the longest i have ever spent working on one page. I finished the draping fabric (the last of it in the pattern) which only leaves the background and the flowers. I did manage to tackle a large portion of the back ground last night, which im really happy about as the background seems to make the rest of the design "pop"

It has been a very long and busy week , we have been out every day other then Wednesday. Various Home Ed meets and social dates. Followed by a  birthday party on Saturday for my now 5 yr year old niece and today is going to be spent sorting the house out ,finishing building furniture for Connors bedroom and a roast dinner-which im going to eat too much of! Followed by a mammoth stitching session tonight, where im hoping to get most of the background finished

Friday, 7 March 2014

Dino Hoodie


Not alot of stitching to show so i thought i would show you the Dino hoodie i made for Connor. We are covering Dinosaurs at the moment in home-school. I kinda of threw it together in 20 minutes while i was waiting for dinner. It is not neat and the stitching is very poor quality,but now i know what im doing im  planning on making a revised version,which will be neater and planned out a little better. Which will be a good thing as i have now got 2 custom orders to make, one of them being for my 18yr old sister!