Sunday, 16 March 2014

Another page 6 update

Excuse the blurry photo apparently the camera lens wasn't clean

I think this is possibly the longest i have ever spent working on one page. I finished the draping fabric (the last of it in the pattern) which only leaves the background and the flowers. I did manage to tackle a large portion of the back ground last night, which im really happy about as the background seems to make the rest of the design "pop"

It has been a very long and busy week , we have been out every day other then Wednesday. Various Home Ed meets and social dates. Followed by a  birthday party on Saturday for my now 5 yr year old niece and today is going to be spent sorting the house out ,finishing building furniture for Connors bedroom and a roast dinner-which im going to eat too much of! Followed by a mammoth stitching session tonight, where im hoping to get most of the background finished


Blu said...

She's looking great!

Minnie said...

Beautiful stitching, love the design.

Chris said...

This is coming on really nicely
Chris x