Monday, 26 October 2015

Monday, 19 October 2015

Stitching, Swearing and progress... Eventually!

Urghh i'm a bad blogger! The comp died so have only just got round to updating properly.

I have made progress on Tribal dragon. 
Here it was when i last updated.
A bit of progress on the wing
 Half the wing done
 I was really panicking about the two edges not meeting up. I told myself that i was being silly and everything would work out. 
 I checked and doubled checked while stitching, so what could go wrong?...

Yep..... i screwed up...
 Then to make matters (and my already fragile nerves) worse while unpicking where i *think* i went wrong, the thread i was using stained the fabric! STAINED IT!!! I could have cried! Thankfully the lady that dyed the fabric was amazing.
 After a good scrub, its hardly noticeable...except i know its there :(
 All correct!
And that means that the wings are finished! I'm already working on the body and will update when i have made some good progress with it.