Thursday, 27 December 2012



Hello. I hope everyone had a great Xmas, we did!

The kids loved it and Esmai done very well at eating tearing the paper. Connor was well and truly spoilt, main presents included a guitar and the whole Octonaughts set, walkie talkies, ben 10 toys, remote control cars and battle tanks!!

I got loads including my very first ring sling, which is taking some getting used to. Perfume, a tablet (when it turns up), hair dryer and straightner set, and a very pretty watch.

Esmai had a chance to finally wear her Xmas nappy (which I brought months ago) It says “Be naughty save Santa the trip” so so pretty!

Dinner was lovely cooked by my partner, way too much food and I even had a cheeky glass of wine hehe

I have started working on “Tribal dragon” again. No time limit this time just taking it nice and slow and enjoying it. I’m struggling with the size of the stitches but then again I’m due an eye test.
Esmai opening her first present
Trying to eat her teddy

Connor opening present from Santa

Connors Guitar


Esmai's first Xmas nappy

My first ring sling

Progress on Tribal dragon
We had a great day, I hope you did you too!

Sunday, 23 December 2012


Helloooo. I know its been ages since i done a proper update. Thats because i have spent all my free time stitching like a mad woman. Esmai's stocking was finished and made up last night. I did take more photos but think they may have been deleted. This will proberly be my last finish of the year. There havent been as many as i hoped but still better then none! So heres the pics

Progress after the restart

Snowman 1
Start of Snowman 2

Snowman 2 finished
Start of the background
~*~*~*~*~*~*Massive jump in pictures~*~*~*~*~*~
Stocking finished

All Sewn
Connor wrote his first letter to Santa, with a little help from mummy who dotted it out for him to trace. I think he done really well :)

Monday, 10 December 2012

Quick update


Just a quick update to let you know that dad is ok, and I have been stitching like mad. I don’t know if it will be finished in time as I only have 14 days to get it done. I have made a tonne of mistakes that are slowing me down but I have decided to work around them as the mistake started at the beginning of the first snowman. There is no way that I am unpicking or restarting. I will post pics at the end or when it’s nearly finished. I have taken a few but not as many as I would normally as that means putting down the needle and finding more batteries lol.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Dads home

Dad Came home from hospital on friday ,his doing well and feelingbetter. I have stitched and made alot of prgress much more then i thought i could. Will show photo later tonight if i get a chance :)

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

*Waves goodbye to my deadline*

I have been trying to word this post for days now.

I have done no stitching, none, at all.

 Last week my dad was eventually rushed to hospital. He had been poorly for a couple of days. Dizziness, nausea, palpations, pains in his arms, passing out, and a few other things. After a day my mum convinced him to talk to a doctor who phoned a ambulance and dad was rushed to hospital. Turns out he has had a major heart attack. Because he left it so long before seeking help he has done permante damage to his heart. We don’t know how much yet as we are still waiting for tests to let us know. He has been in hospital almost a week now. If he has the tests done today (unlikely) he will be home tomorrow if not he might be out by the weekend if his lucky.

I haven’t even been able to look at any stitching since he was rushed to hospital and have the feeling im not going to till his home. I just can’t settle. I’ve always seen him as someone who was immortal and invincible. The only time he has had any health problems was when ( a few years ago) he snapped his Achilles tendon while playing badminton, then drove  home, left it a few days then drove to the hospital to get it checked. And ended up spending months in a cast, yes he drove with the cast on too. So this has come as a big shock.


*waves goodbye to deadline*


Friday, 9 November 2012

Snowmans got his hat on!

Ello...Sorry about the bad quality of photo it was taken late last night. I love the colours on his hat the photo really doesnt do it any justice.  Theres only 45 days till Xmas and im starting to wonder if im going to get it done in time. I had a dream/nightmare last night that i was up all Xmas eve and couldnt get it finished in time. The worst part is im not going to have any time to stitch over the weekend due to my mum and a friend over tongiht for a games night,and saturday i have a ann summers party,which leaves me 43 days at the most,even if i do manage my full 3 hours a night im really going to be cutting it close.

Wish me luck!!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Hetic half term,lots of pics-grab a cuppa :)


I just thought I would mention that I have taken anonymous posting off as I was getting a lot of spam comments. I'm sorry it has gone on so long I was hoping it would go away on its own but now you have to have a Google account or similar to be able to post a comment. 

The half term is pretty much over, its been our first and its been a long one! I’m truly shattered. We have done lots of fun things including lots of messy play ,visiting people, and lazy days at home. 

We mixed shaving foam and food colouring and painted the bathroom. Most people who have seen the pictures thought I was mental but it was so easy to clean off , just showered over and all done! Connor loved it and I haven’t heard him giggle like that in a long time. 

We had glow stick baths which went down a treat. Something I would love to do but on a much bigger scale, maybe hiring out the local swimming pool would be a bit eccentric though. 

We went trickle treating for Halloween which Connor loved and he was even very brave and went to some houses by himself. We decorated the windows not anything as good as we did last year as we was running out of time. We carved pumpkins but they didn't turn out too great as the knife I use snapped. Connor was a mummy for Halloween all wrapped up in bandages, he looked so cute and it didn’t cost me anything!

We saw friends that we haven’t seen in years, a girl I used to go to school with, the last time she saw Connor he was newborn!
Somehow in all the madness and mayhem I even managed to stitch a little , not as much as I hoped but better then nothing. I restarted the snowman stocking for my daughter using the right fabric. The size difference is immense I don’t know why I didn’t question it before. Most of the scarf is done but I’m seriously going to have to work my arse off to get it finished in time for Xmas. 
I have chosen the fabric I am going to use to back it but think it may look a bit boy-ish as its going to be a lot of blue. But it will look great. 

Well I better get back and do some stitching!!

Have some cute pics!

The size difference
Shaving foam painting
Shaving foam painting
"Its on my glasses!"
Esmai is getting strong
Connor as a Mummy
Esmai as a cat thingy 
Our decs

Monday, 29 October 2012

Fecking typical

After hours and hours stitching i thought i would show you a progress pic. Was marking off my chart so i didnt forget where i was before looking for my camera and relised i have got the wrong sodding fabric!! In one part of the chart it says 14 aida on the next page it says 32 count evenweave!! I thought it was looking small but didnt think anymore of it.
So first thing in the morning im off to town to pick up the right fabric and start all over again. Doubt ill get it finished in time for xmas now unless i somehow manage to BF while stitching lol
anyway have some  pics of my Son enjoying his first day of half term-Messy play day:

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Snowman's scarf

Just a quick post to show the first progress on my daughter Xmas stocking. 
Was meant to post yesterday but didnt get a chance.
So here it is TA-DA!!!
I was surprised at how rusty i had become, it took ages and its not very neat,but, its getting neater and quicker,so im happy with it.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Stitchey post

Hello my lovelies
The next update will be a progress pic! I got my order through from “cross stitch heaven” this morning and have spent the day kitting up my new project. Its “Tumbling snowmen” I’m not sure who designed it. It will be for my daughter for her first Christmas. I’m actually rather excited. I will be starting tomorrow as tonight I have been playing with sewing machines. My normal little one is missing a piece after I lent it out to someone so I have borrowed my mum’s old manual machine. I have fallen in love with this. It used to be my great-nanas. It’s amazingly heavy, I can’t move it by myself, it’s very old and oh so pretty. There’s something rather nice about using something that is older then you are! Anyway to try it out, being the first time I have ever used a manual machine, I hemmed the linen for my daughters stocking, and made my first pair of breast pads!

The kids are doing well; Esmai is gaining weight and is cutting her first tooth at 3 months. Connor is having behaviour issues at school but other than that life is great here!
I have been reading your blogs and everyone’s work is truly amazing

Stitchey goodies
How cute are these!!
My daughters stocking
Material for breast pads

First finished pads

Look at this beauty!!
Esmai has become a thumb sucker, so cute

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Still here

I’m still here I promise! I haven’t done any stitching for ages, unless you count altering my son’s school uniform. Yep that’s right my baby boy started school yesterday. He loves it luckily.

The main reason I have stopped stitching is I have lost the love for it, so that of course means I HAVE to buy a new project, which I’m umming and arring over. I was thinking something for my daughter (who is a little chunk now) maybe a baby sampler.

Esmai is doing great she is now 8lbs at her last weigh in 2 weeks ago. It’s hard to believe she is now 8 weeks. Time really does fly. Breastfeeding is going great. We did hit a rough patch where we both got thrush (her orally and me ductile) but it’s cleared up now J

We have had a few family days out including taking Connor driving down the park, fishing, fun fairs and bbq’s .we have made salt dough hand and foot prints(which was great fun). Esmai had her first photo shoot.

We have also started baby wearing with a stretchy wrap, which has made things so much easier for me. I can now go down the shop and leave the pushchair at home and use my crutches instead.

Well enough of me waffling let me spam you with cute pics

Connors first day at school
Esmai photoshoot
Esmai photoshoot
Salt dough hand and foot prints
Playing with daddy
"Whats wrong with my driving??"
Stretchy wrap

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Introducing Baby Esmai

Baby Esmai was born on Friday the 13th. Weighing 6lbs 3ozs. She is perfect!!!

I was induced 2 days later than planned as the labour ward was too busy. It took 2 attempts to work, I went in at 7:30am and had my waters broke at 9pm, by 10:30pm she was here. She was so quick my partner almost missed it! He had gone home to put my son to bed after being told he had hours to spare only to get a phone call saying I was 7cms and had already started pushing, which I got told off for. He made it to the hospital with 10minutes to spare. The midwife wasn’t ready and didn’t even have gloves on , so she was born with no one to catch her, was very lucky because if I had been a foot further down the bed she would of landed on the floor.

We are having problems breastfeeding mainly as she seems very lazy (wont latch)  and more content to have formula so I’m not sure how long we will keep trying. I brought loads of cloth nappies, which are so cute but she’s too small to wear them at the moment, but hopefully won’t be for too long!

Minutes old
All Snug
Proud Daddy
Me,Connor and Esmai