Monday, 29 October 2012

Fecking typical

After hours and hours stitching i thought i would show you a progress pic. Was marking off my chart so i didnt forget where i was before looking for my camera and relised i have got the wrong sodding fabric!! In one part of the chart it says 14 aida on the next page it says 32 count evenweave!! I thought it was looking small but didnt think anymore of it.
So first thing in the morning im off to town to pick up the right fabric and start all over again. Doubt ill get it finished in time for xmas now unless i somehow manage to BF while stitching lol
anyway have some  pics of my Son enjoying his first day of half term-Messy play day:


XXXStitching (Emma) said...

oh no hate when things like that happen. Looks like Connor's having a blast this half term so far. I too am looking for way to BF and stitch lol need extra hands!!!

krystaline said...

I know was so annoyed could of cryed lol i think i need a extra pair of hands :)