Monday, 31 August 2015

Pre Birthday update

Well its been a while since i last updated. In my last post i was working on a Cross Stitch for Esmai, i never finished it. I lost interest and it was clear i wasn't going to be able to finish in time for her birthday so decided to stop pushing myself as i wasn't enjoying it.

I instead started doing some more crochet, something about the end of summer makes me yearn for yarn. I have been able to crochet for years (My Nana taught me) but i  have never been able to read a pattern. My Nana would speak it to me and i would crochet it then its stuck in my head. This time i  wanted to read and work it out for myself.... it didn't go so well, mainly as i wasn't quite grasping the concept of working in the back loop- to create the cable rows i needed. I eventually found a you tube tutorial of the pattern i was using. The lady on the vid finished them in about 30 minutes, she made it so simple and i was able to watch and re watch over and over. The complete set of wrist warms took me around 2 days to finish and I'm pretty sure now i know how to do it, i can do it faster. I plan on making lots more in the future. Now if only i could find some matching boot cuffs.....

 Not stitching related but I'm so chuffed that i HAVE to share. Finally after moving out of my parents just over 9 years ago and moving house 7 times ,i FINALLY have decorated my bedroom...a proper adult room.No where near perfect but i managed to do it all myself!
This is the colour it used to be...i hated it!

 Last night we had a fantastic storm. The first roll of thunder was so loud it sounded like a explosion! All the neighbours ran out and was screaming. This is NOT my picture, it was posted on a local facebook group for our area. Look how fantastic it is! This was taken on my estate, one road down from me.

*~*~* I *think* if you click on the pic to make it bigger you can see the photographers credit, but im not sure. When i find out details i will update.*~*~*~*

Its my birthday soon and my amazing family have got me  The Astronomer by Myles Pinkney!!! Im sooo excited! i fell in love with when i first saw it,i cant wait to start it. Only 17 days to go........