Thursday, 17 March 2016

Progress on The Astronomer and Some Sad news

I have progress!! I have only managed to stitch for one night recently,as life has got pretty busy.
But i feel i have accomplished a good amount. Some of the Milkyway? has been filled in. I managed a ton of black and can now make out another glass discy thing. (Technical right?) The small unfilled black area is the Crow!! 

Im not sure if im going to get a chance to work on this again this month. I am learning to drive and have a intense week of lessons starting this Monday. After that i will go back to doing weekend lessons so hopefully by the start of April i will be able to get a few hours in a night. I had my theory test today and failed on the Hazard perception part of it. 

Last week one of our cats passed away. We had to put him down after he became poorly a few weeks ago. The children have taken it very hard. He was very cuddly and because we dont know completely why he was poorly they are struggling to understand. My partner rescued him 3 years ago driving 3 hrs to pick him up. 10pm at night from a lady on Facebook. Not getting home till 1am. He was very poorly looked after. Fleas, Ticks and a birth defect in his jaw. His teeth was rotten and he was under weight. He slowly came to feel at home with us. Over the last year he has started cuddling anyone he could. Generally the children or guests. Covering them in cat fur haha. He was the worst cat possible. Unable to jump fences, balance, running into windows. Ect. He once set himself on fire-TWICE-in the same night! He is going to be missed.