Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Finally a decent update-grab a cuppa

I have worked on the background and am loving the colours still they are starting to get darker then the top of the picture which is really nice. I have spent ages thinking the blob of red at the tip of her hair was wrong until my partner pointed it out on the finished design. Next up is to finish the wing eventually (I have run out of one colour). Then I will finish off the body and her boob and that will be this page finished leaving only 5 pages. The next page will go rather fast I think as its mainly large patches of colour. I am leaving all the white in the design till last so it doesn’t get too grubby. There is a lot of white on page 7 which is the bulk of her dress. So dare I say it I think the rest of the stocking should stitch up fairly quick? I am planning on taking a break in December and was considering working on some smaller designs from a magazine I brought.

In other news:

We are doing a home school trail run. With the aim (all being well) to take Connor out of school ASAP and home school him full time. I have started a blog on it so feel free to jump over to it to see what we have been up to *learning together*
We survived the storm with nothing more than a broken fence. One of my friends 2 roads down from us lost part of her roof so we were lucky but it wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be. I didn’t expect it to snow though! Only for a few minutes, Connor was very upset that he had missed it.
Esmai is such a cheeky little girl now. She’s walking most places and is finally in a brilliant routine which works very well for us. We have had a break from teething which has been needed. She now has 14 teeth!

In home school I didn’t want to teach anything he is likely to learn in school in case it doesn’t work out and he returns to school. So this week we have been focusing on Halloween. We have also made Halloween decs for the windows and picked up some pumpkins last night, we are also going to try pumpkin pie and soup-which none of us have ever had-so if you know any awesome recipes feel free to let me know!

We are working on getting Xmas sorted, so to avoid the rush we had last year. By the end of November we should be completely finished, present wise and then only have food shopping left to do in December. We have lots of craft bits planned for the children and me (I’m a big Xmas freak) and I have started stock piling and organising what we are going to make already!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Small progress

Theres some small progress on the bottom of the page. Some of the shawl (im really looking forward to the next page where its al drapey) and some background. For some reason blogger has turnt the picture round.
 The kids are doing really well at the moment. Connor has got very much into Ben10 again. And even spent his pocket money on a Ben10 outfit-which he refuses to take off !
 Esmai has started to take a interest in my cross stitching.She has even started to "help" rearrange my thread box.
Caught touching mummys sewing


Monday, 21 October 2013

Progress on her hair

I had great plans to only stitch the hair, like I see on many other blogs. I think it looks great but wow it was hard to pick out where the hair ends and background begins! So here is the most of her hair!
I will finish it off when I do the background. I have picked out where her arm is. I don't plan on stitching the rest of her till I have finished off the rest of the page.
I had Esmai weighed this morning and she is now 17lbs 11ozs. She has taken to napping on the living room floor
Connor is doing well. He has became obsessed with the new Marvel Lego game. And completed the demo with no help :)

Monday, 14 October 2013

She has a Face...

....And a very pretty one too!

 Please excuse the crappy photos. And the grid marks. I think she's going to look great when they have washed out. Her hair has been a nightmare. If you look close up she don't look so great but when you see her from a distance, walking past or while your looking for something else, she really is amazing. I am still loving the colours for this from the wings to the background to the skin tones.

Next I am going to finish the hair and the rest of the wing I think. Or I may skip that and start working on the bottom of the page where the draping fabric is as it will stitch up really fast. Or I may work on the background a bit more as I am loving the darker colours. Or I may finish off her boob as Im sure she feels all lopsided......... Too many choices!!!

Im off to mull them over and treat myself to a vanilla latte mmmmmmmm

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Wing part 1 done

I was meant to post this a few days ago but completely forgot! This is the first part of her wing. I will be doing it in two or three stages as I am running out of thread left right and centre. Its driving me mad. I have now moved on to her face and part of her hair. Im working in a block of 3X4 so I can concentrate on her pretty face. It may be awhile before I have another update as it is very confetti heavy.

Connor is having some pretty major problems at school. I wont go into detail just yet but we are looking into Home schooling him. If anyone who reads this little blog has any experience (good or bad) of Home schooling can you email me please.

Esmai is now a very confident walker but has decided that sleep is for the weak.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Page 4 black done

All the black is done on page 4. I chose the page next to what I had already done as I am excited to see her face.