Monday, 14 October 2013

She has a Face...

....And a very pretty one too!

 Please excuse the crappy photos. And the grid marks. I think she's going to look great when they have washed out. Her hair has been a nightmare. If you look close up she don't look so great but when you see her from a distance, walking past or while your looking for something else, she really is amazing. I am still loving the colours for this from the wings to the background to the skin tones.

Next I am going to finish the hair and the rest of the wing I think. Or I may skip that and start working on the bottom of the page where the draping fabric is as it will stitch up really fast. Or I may work on the background a bit more as I am loving the darker colours. Or I may finish off her boob as Im sure she feels all lopsided......... Too many choices!!!

Im off to mull them over and treat myself to a vanilla latte mmmmmmmm

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Emma/Itzy said...

She is looking great