Tuesday, 20 November 2012

*Waves goodbye to my deadline*

I have been trying to word this post for days now.

I have done no stitching, none, at all.

 Last week my dad was eventually rushed to hospital. He had been poorly for a couple of days. Dizziness, nausea, palpations, pains in his arms, passing out, and a few other things. After a day my mum convinced him to talk to a doctor who phoned a ambulance and dad was rushed to hospital. Turns out he has had a major heart attack. Because he left it so long before seeking help he has done permante damage to his heart. We don’t know how much yet as we are still waiting for tests to let us know. He has been in hospital almost a week now. If he has the tests done today (unlikely) he will be home tomorrow if not he might be out by the weekend if his lucky.

I haven’t even been able to look at any stitching since he was rushed to hospital and have the feeling im not going to till his home. I just can’t settle. I’ve always seen him as someone who was immortal and invincible. The only time he has had any health problems was when ( a few years ago) he snapped his Achilles tendon while playing badminton, then drove  home, left it a few days then drove to the hospital to get it checked. And ended up spending months in a cast, yes he drove with the cast on too. So this has come as a big shock.


*waves goodbye to deadline*



Mouse said...

(((hugs))) love mouse xxxxxx

Claudette497 said...

So sorry - keeping you and your dad in my thoughts.