Sunday, 16 October 2011

Just a quick one!

This is the progress on strength. I have completed four rows. There was loads of confetti stitches and its felt like it’s taken forever. I’m glad to have the first part done. In the pic it looks like its bowed little bit it’s just the way it was laying as I took the pic. It’s amazing how many different shades of green there is in there. I personally think it would look just as good with half the colours.
First four rows

The kittens have all found new homes now. And the house is just a bit too quite, I am seriously considering getting a German bearded dragon. One of my friends has it but they are not at home enough to keep it happy. I’m not sure yet but it’s got a lovely smile.
"Doris" the german bearded dragon

Joyzse the plant that the flower is from is a common spider plant. And it seems almost impossible to kill :D
I do not own this picture

i do not own this picture

( both pics taken from google)

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