Monday, 20 February 2012

update and baby#2

Hello. Well after my accident a few days ago I have done a little stitching. More then I had hoped to get done so I’m quite happy with it. It seems to have stitched up really quickly. I can’t believe how many different colors are in one area. The picture of the completed project doesn’t do it justice at all. Neither does my pic, there are loads of pretty colours in it. So far this is a joy to stitch on.
For some reason blogger has turn the pic around. It’s actually the top line going right across not down the side

So for a baby update. I am now almost 18weeks gone. I feel massive already but that’s mainly due to the baby being long and in a weird position. Its feet are by my spine and its head by my belly button. This is making me look nearer to 7 months pregnant. And also explains the kidney shots it’s been giving me. So far it has been agreed to induce me 2 weeks early but it might be sooner depending on how my health goes and how quickly the lungs mature.  It’s so annoying not being able to tell people how much longer I got because I don’t know. The pain is getting bad where my muscles are stretching I have now been about 11 weeks without any painkillers and my mood shows that I’m struggling, and I hate mornings with a new found passion.  In all honesty I’m kinda looking forward to the hospital bed rest the midwife is insistent I will need. Just think of all that time for stitching!!
Connor is really excited about the baby, he felt it kick a few days ago, and he said it made my belly feel like jelly! Charming right?  He is a little confused but not as much as I thought he would be. He is insistent that there is a baby in his belly too.

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XXXStitching (Emma) said...

oh bless on baby 2 being such a little tinker and lying funny! I'm starting to get a bit of a belly now as I'm nearly 14 weeks. But get my scan on Monday so that might change so I'm looking forward to seeing my no. 2 for the first time and checking their ok. Hope your little tinker decides they've ran out of room and turn over for you.