Thursday, 16 February 2012

Talent! I has it.....

Yep its official I'm the worlds biggest idiot.
I haven't managed to do any stitching thanks to one of the more comical parts of EDS ( for other people of course) one of the biggest reasons I end up pretty much living at the hospital is most EDSers are extremely clumsy. So what did I manage to do then I hear you sigh.

I shut my hand in the cooker. Yep you can stop the puzzled looks , I'm not totally sure how I managed it. But it bloody hurt. It's still very sore even days after it happened. Bruising isn't too bad which is surprising but it's still swollen.

So have you stopped laughing yet?

After the whole cooker incident I then managed to trip over the vertical part of a door frame. Yep the bit that's actually attached to the wall.

That my friends takes talent!


Mouse said...

mmmmm not saying a word ;0 but hope you start to feel better soon love mouse xxxxx

Rhona said...

Hope your hand's better soon.

Stitching Noni said...

I'm so sorry I will stop laughing now! LOL
You poor thing, I hope that you're ok now. Can't be much fun being clumsy like that...
Take care & watch that nasty oven :0)
Hugs x

krystaline said...

Thanks for your kind words. the worst bit must be after posting this i then shut the other hand in a drawer! Some days i would be safer in a padded room!!!