Monday, 6 February 2012

Simba's first snow

Well after my last post about pathetic snow we got a good lot! Easily a good 4-5 inches! I woke up (way over excited considering I’m 23) at 5am and spent the next 3 hours waiting rather impatiently for Connor to get up so I could go play. I woke him at 8am. I couldn’t wait any longer.
Simba loved the snow and was out pouncing for hours he eventually returned home and slept for 5 hours solid. Please excuse the background noise.

Tonight I will be starting “Yule Fairy” I have been playing about with gridding options but haven’t found anything fantastic being skint has meant I haven’t been able to try any pens other than the ones I already got.
Dreamdragons shows went very well if you ignore the pyrotechnics setting the fire alarm off on one performance.


Minnie said...

Loved your video, that is such a beautiful cat what is it? Hope you and Connor had fun in the snow.

krystaline said...

Hiya thank you he is lovely but he knows it! his a snow bengal, just under a year so still small! me and Connor had great fun thank you :)

Mouse said...

awww your wee bengal is cute and loved his video .... my mum woke me up at midnight when I was your Conners age as we never normally had snow where we lived mouse xxxxx