Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Yule Fairy

Good morning! How is everyone? I have a quick question before i forget : 
Does anyone know of a fabric pen that has a small enough nib to be able to grid on 25 count fabric? The gridding pens I have are way too big to be able to grid clearly.
As I’ve seen a lot of people sharing snow pics I thought I would share mine. We had snow yesterday morning. Now I should point out now it was extremely pathetic more like a light sprinkle. We didn’t even have a snowball fight, which sucks. Hopefully we will have some more overnight.

Connor rather unimpressed
Out the kitchen window

My thread pack for “Yule Fairy” arrived today, I was so excited. Head on over to Cross stitch Heaven. I love how it’s all pre-sorted and kept together by a key ring. Delivery was fast and the lady was lovely J
I hope to make a start tonight by doing the first 100 squares. I won’t get much done on it this week though as I am helping out at Dreamdragons this weekend. We have shows Friday, twice on Saturday and Sunday then the following Sunday. I’ll be doing front of house as I’m not allowed to lift anything heavy. Lots of showing people to their seats and making drinks. I’m quite looking forward to it. We are taking Connor to see the show on Saturday morning. Its gonna be so much fun. My dad, granddad, aunt, and a few members of family and of course close friends will all be in it. My dad and granddad are playing a double act. There terrible when they get together they both suddenly become little children and spent the whole time they are together mucking about. It’s so much fun to watch!

Thread pack

New start
I’ve made progress on bubbas blanket but not enough to warrant a picture. 5 rows seems like nothing when I laid it out to take a pic lol


Mouse said...

yeahhh the threads arrived :)
behave yourself doing the show ok ....
the only pen I've used is for quilting so not sure if nib would be fine enough ...
love mouse xxxx

Topcho said...

The treads are so pretty! I just bought a pen for a first time, I use it to grid my haed on 22 ct and it works fine but I don't know about 25. In any case the brand is Prym. I guess someone in a shop will know the best ^^"""