Thursday, 19 January 2012

Grab a cuppa , lots of pics :D

Wow over a week without a post. Apparently January isn’t our month. My mum ended up in hospital for a few days but she’s at home now and slowly getting better. She had a small accident and her pain killers stopped working so her body went into shock and started shutting down.
PROUD MUMMY WARNING! : Connor is now potty trained during the day!!! His been almost 2 weeks without an accident. He is still wearing night time pants at night but has used the potty a few times. I was starting to get worried as he is due to start primary school in September. So glad it’s finally happened lol
So first up is a bit of progress on “Tribal dragon” the new bit is part of the head.
Next up is Connors 2nd pic with Santa. A local social club does a child’s party every year, they are really amazing.

I have had another scan now that I am over 3 months I can start to relax little. This is our little baby looking like a baby and not a blob!
Yesterday me and Connor made some yummy cakes. We had to colour in the cake cases and I got told off for going outside the lines!

Soon I will have a new start! It’s a Jessica Galbreth stocking. I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it on HAED but have put off starting. I plan on doing this for my mum as a Xmas present, although she might get it next year, I don’t want to under estimate how long it will take. I also want to do a xmas stocking for the new arrival but the one I have chosen is a simple cartoon one with’s so cute.
Jessica Galbreth
Snowmen stitcking


Joysze said...

Great job, Connor!!

Baby looks adorable. :D

Stitching Noni said...

Hi Amber, sorry to hear about your Mum - I hope she gets better soon.

Well done Connor - you are a clever boy. Mummy can be very proud of you!

Wow, baby number 2 is certainly coming along.. How exciting!

Mouse said...

well done Conner .. and nice baking too ... the new one is looking cute too and nice stockings too ... hope your mum is feeling better now :) love mouse xxxxx

RuthB said...

I'm glad to hear your mom is doing better. And I have to say, even with you coloring outside the ines, those are some yummy looking cakes!