Tuesday, 10 January 2012

typical lol

I would have had an update for you sooner. I had grand plans to stitch like a devil and have an amazing progress pic for “Smaug” but I couldn’t find any DMC 310!!! I know right.... I had at least 4 skeins of it the last time I checked and now nothing! I searched everywhere and turnt the house upside down. In the end I have admitted defeat and accepted that I must have run out.  So as I couldn’t work on Smaug I started a new baby blanket for baby number 2! I was gonna hold off for a little longer but I had nothing to work on (other than the 6-7 WIPs in my stash) so I started something new. I’m doing Tunisian Crochet which has to be one of my favs. So easy and quick so here’s a pic after about 2 hours. This is “freestyled” meaning I had no plan and I haven’t counted at all. I just went with the flow.
length of blanket

close up


Topcho said...

Oh, lol, missing DMC310... happens to me all the time XD The crochet looks realy neat!

Mouse said...

oooo isn't that a pain when it happened .. I've lost some thread too on something I am working on atm and will need to go and get some more ... nice start on the blanket too :) love mouse xxxx

Joysze said...

Oh dear!!! Missing threads are never a good thing. :( The crochet looks great though. Can't wait to see how it turns out.