Monday, 27 February 2012

quick one

There seems to be problems with the word verification thingy so i have disabled it.
Ive been doing loads of stitching on a new project but cant say anymore as its a present . i have been taking progress pics so when i can reveal it i will do a mega post. Its not something that i would normally stitch so its been really refreshing and fun. It will also be my first finish of the year . i will be revealing it at the end of march.
I have now reached over 2000 page views!! I am 2 or 3 posts away from 100 posts so i might do a little giveaway depending on money at the time so it might be a late one.
Baby is cooking well and driving me mad. I keep getting really strong kicks right in my stomach which has made me throw up a few times! I had a scare a little while ago and had a small bleed but everything is ok.
Connor has his first parent – teacher meeting on the 8th at his nursery. I am so excited as its a new thing the nursery has brought in. I get to talk to his key worker and find out what sort of things he gets upto and who he plays with. I know that he has friends now and that his behavoir has improved. Im really looking forward to hearing about what they have to say

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