Sunday, 11 March 2012

Quick update

Sorry for the lack of posting things have been pretty busy round here.
I finished all the stitching on the mystery present. Now I just need to get it finished and wrapped up.
I have been continuing with the baby blanket I started crocheting. And have lots of ideas about making blankets and cloth nappies. If anyone has any helpful links please pass them my way!
We have had loads of appointments since my last post.
We saw the specialist Anesthetist that will be knocking Connor out when he has his op. He has knocked Connor out before so I was much more relieved after the appointment. Connor will be having his operation within the next 6 weeks!
We had another baby scan. Bubba is cooking nicely but was being a pain and not laying the right the way. The scan became really painful after the sonographer got a little poke happy and heavy handed. We eventually found out that we are expecting a baby girl! Since then I have became an eBay addict and spent a little too much on baby shoes lol.

Connors parents teacher evening went really well. The manager was full of praise. Connor is socializing well and on target with all his goals. One happy mummy!

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Mouse said...

awww great news all round with the bubba and Connor's op and his school parents evening too ...
and the bay of evil is a badddd thing
love mouse xxxx