Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Connors Birthday- pic heavy

Connor had a great birthday and got spoilt rotten.

We made a countdown chart so he knew how long it was till his birthday. Every morning he would mark off a day and get over excited!

Count-down chart
He opened his presents first thing in the morning which took seconds, gone are the days when he couldn’t undo wrapping paper. 
We then went down our local park where he got his main present from us: a motorised car!!! I know, it was my partners idea, I think it was more for my partner then Connor! He was over the moon with it and very careful, only went onto the grass a few times but didn’t run anyone over.
Daddy putting the car together
Having a little drive
"Look mum - no hands!!"

In the afternoon we picked up one of his friends and went to a local play centre where they spent hours running around like headless chickens. He even had a little cupcake with a candle to blow out. When we had dropped his friend back home we had my parents over for more presents and a proper cake. He slept like a log come bedtime!
Pulling funny faces
Little cake
Playing with his friend 
The next day we took his car round to my parents so they could race. He spent a good couple of hours racing with nana on her scooter then with me and granddad. It’s a pity that it rained as he would have happily stayed out all day. 

Trying to make it down the hill
Racing Nana
Racing Nana
Racing Grandad
Beating Grandad

All in all he had a great birthday!!


Minnie said...

He sure looks happy and it seems everybody had a good time.

Yana Hanim said...

happy bday connor... it seems he is having a great bday, good job mom :)

Mouse said...

ohhh wow ... love that car conner .. glad you had a lovely day ... fab photos and great memories too :)
love mouse xxxxx

Lana said...

Racing the grandparents photos are priceless!! I love it!! Happy birthday Connor!!! It looks like you had one great day! (I hope I get a new car for my next birthday!) What a lucky guy! LOL