Saturday, 21 May 2011

A new baby is as finished as I can get it for the moment. Tuesday I am going round to my great aunt Ann who is going to show me how to backstitch, no matter how I try it ends up looking boxy.
I started gridding strength last night and that’s almost ready to stitch.
I have major rotation problems. I have a over whelming urge to start all the new patterns I have brought but not finish any of the ones I have already started, bad bad me.

My next post should include a pic of the giveaway prizes I’m just waiting for one last item to turn up then it’s all go go go. I’m so excited about this as it will be my first giveaway. So if anyone has any hints or tips to make it go smoothly please enlighten me.

A new baby

My partner with a little birdie i rescued from 2 of our cats

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Stitching Noni said...

Love the Tatty Teddy baby :-) Well done

Hope you got the backstitch sorted out... it is a pain to do at times but definitely worth the effort to finish off a design