Sunday, 15 April 2012

no stitching :(

Hi i thought i would post a decent update. There’s not been any stitching going on since my last post. We have been running around like crazy trying to get all the baby bits sorted as i now have 12 weeks till they induce me, and I’m getting more tired and painful by the day. There’s not all that much to get sorted. Some of the bigger bits will be picked up this week. We have been trying to declutter the house and get tidy and organised. After busy days of tidying up I’ve been spending most of my stitching time in the bath soaking in bubble bath and reading a book. (The house of sand and fog) which is brilliant i watched the film ages ago and it was the only book in the house i haven’t read.

I’m hoping to have some stitching done at some piont next week but it depends on how Connors pre-op and then his operation goes.

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