Monday, 21 May 2012

Catch up

I posted a pic in my last post of my progress on “Yule fairy” it seems to be taking forever as there is so much confetti. I am doing all the bulk colours first then I will fill in the odd stitches and lesser colours as I feel like I am getting nowhere otherwise. I was hoping to have a page finish by the end of the month but I doubt very much that I will do unless I overdose on caffeine.

Saturday we went down the Warren, which is some woodland very close to us, only a few minutes in the car, in an attempt to tire Connor out. It’s beautiful down there if you ignore the graffiti, which there isn’t much of. There are handmade BMX and bike trails throughout the Warren. Some very small and some that are impossible to climb up. I took my bike down there when I was younger but chickened out of all of the jumps, what can I say I like my bones unbroken!
I hope you enjoy the pics

There was some tree climbing

Connor trying to get down one of the mini BMX ramps

Posing in a hollow tree

There are loads of bluebells through out the Warren

Steve found a tree swing....

.....Which didnt end well!

The kittens are doing very well and are starting to climb. Mainly trouser legs and the curtains. There into everything and each have very different personalities.
The baby is cooking well and I have just under 8 weeks till I am induced! I can’t wait, I’ve got to the point I’m constantly uncomfortable and have pulled some muscles in my stomach yet again even though I have been so careful.
Connors operation has worked very well. I’m still trying to get used to not being able to hear him snore at night. During the day he has endless energy and is impossible to tire out. His eating has got better his constantly hungry and eating (most of the time) like a horse. He has even put weight on and gone up a trouser size. He has a little belly for the first time ever!!


Minnie said...

Glad to hear Connor is doing better, that BMX ramp is almost too much for him, how cute. I bet he got a kick out of dad on the tree swing.

Stitching Noni said...

So good to hear Connor is doing better - he certainly looks well :o)
Good hear to everything is going well with baby - but please do take it easy!!
Don't you just love kitties? All that exploring they do in their first few months! They are so adorable :o)

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