Monday, 5 August 2013

Busy Busy Busy-Lots of pics

Here's another pic of Yule fairy. I was meant to post this a few days again. But managed to delete the pic, so here it is as of 2minutes ago. I have completed the "window" section ( it reminds me of a stained glass window) and am now doing the pretty colours of the wing. A few more hours and this page should be finished.

As its the summer holidays, my partner took some time off. That means lots of days out!! Today was Swanley park and Chislehurst caves.

Then we went to Chislehurst Caves. It was lots of fun. I even managed to Breastfeed while walking round them. Unfortunately this is the only decent photo I managed to get. There is lots of cool history related to the caves. Everything from Druids to Romans to a war-time town including hospital being hidden there to Pink Floyd (among others) doing gigs there.

Swanley park was very pretty and had a great splash area which the kids loved. The train ride was our favourite bit. The train was surprisingly fast and the driver was lovely. He asked Connor would he like to ride in the front with him.

Tomorrow is Dymchurch and the 2p machines :) 


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Anonymous said...

Your stitching is looking lovely and the photos are great!