Thursday, 6 February 2014

Stitchey update

We have been busy busy busy!
Stitching has been going well but slow due to not pressuring myself and also we have hit a very busy 2 weeks in Home schooling.
We have been working on the Solar system. I had grand plans to paper mache the solar system. I worked on it solidly every night for almost 2 weeks. Each planet got several coats and when they were finally ready to paint, I called Connor into the kitchen only to find that they had all collapsed. Every sodding one! So we ended up buying polestrine balls from the local craft shop. We had lots of fun making the model and although it still needs some tweaking i am happy to have it done. We are currently working on a floor book of the Solar system. Its like a lapbook but massive. Hopefully it should be finished within a few days,if i find my get up and go, which im afraid has got up and gone. Possibly as we are all full of flu.
Please excuse the poor quality photos my camera isnt feeling too well either.
Stitching as of last night
Some written work Connor has done on the Solar system

Painting Mars

All painted and drying

Hanging in Connors bedroom
 Esmai has now learnt to use a fork without stabbing herself!


Stitching Noni said...

Gosh your little ones are growing up!
Great solar system :o)

stitcherw said...

You got a nice bit more done on her dress, very pretty. The solar system looks like it turned out great, what a fun decoration for him to be able to make and use in his room too.