Sunday, 14 September 2014

Nearly sorted....

 Here is my progress on Smaug (Tribal Dragon) not as much as i had hoped but i will get to that soon...

His wing is coming along nicely, i've had a small cock up with how i enlarged the chart so i am have to work on what i can and will be coming back to the bits i have missed out when i get a new printer (tomorrow) as its my birthday on Wednesday!

The move was a nightmare from start to finish! It was a mutual exchange in the same housing accosiation so should have been straight forward and simple, it would have been if my housing officer hadn't taken a disliking to me. She dragged things out for as long as possible, giving information to the other swapper upto 2 weeks before she told me.

The day of the swap i got a message saying not to load anything on the van yet as the lady we was swapping with wasnt sure if she was going to move as she still owed rent. (which she told us had been cleared off weeks ago)
The move started 3 hours later then agreed, which meant i wasnt able to clean her house before we moved in, she had a dog and my son is allergic to dogs.

My mother in law was looking after both the children, i got a phone call half way through the move saying she had lost my 2year old daughter for a little bit but eventually found her, but she would like to bring the kids back soon as she was tired- she has a lot of health problems.

The first night we was here there was a massive argument between the neighbours on either side of us, which ended in the police being involved.

The house in a worse condition then we was lead to believe, only having been able to do 2 house visits before the moved happened we didnt pick up on any of the problems.It also hasnt helped the entire house is wallpapered in 2 layers of lining paper. The HA is now refusing to do any work as its a old house, and i have found too many problems with it, i should lower my standards and be happy. The front and back doors was falling off(literally hanging off) There's cracks and all the plaster in the house has blown. All the windows leak, we had a massive water leak the first night we was here, the floorboards in my daughters room (she now has her own room!!) none of them had been nailed down.  The ceiling in the hallway has started to fall down.The house is a  mess, we have no money to sort it and the HA is refusing to do anything at the moment. We have a inspection on my birthday, lets hope is goes well!!

The kids have settled well. Esmai moved into her own room for the first time the first night we was here. Shes taken to it very well and i cant wait to decorate it. Connor has made friends of different ages, he is constantly playing out the front at the first chance he gets!

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