Monday, 6 October 2014

Wing finished!

I had to frog part of it, i cant work out where i went wrong, but it looks close enough. Im very happy with him. Now onto wing 2! Im not looking forward to pulling out the gridding,which took me nearly 3 days to grid up! I have no where to put this when i have finished, would it be totally insane of me to decorate a entire room around this one piece of stitching? It would infact be the very first piece of stitching that would be have ever been displayed in my home and the first thing i have stitched for myself!

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Rai Rai's Stitches said...

Pulling out the gridding is the most fun! It just slides out really easily. (It looks like you used the plastic to grid with).

He's looking beautiful! He's really going to be impressive when he's framed and on the wall.