Sunday, 14 November 2010


My first impression of quilting
Beautiful. Without a doubt. Complex, comfortable, pretty, amazing.
I like crochet and cross-stitch. Quilting seems almost the next step. The only thing I knew about quilting is that it was done in Dr Quinn medicine woman a few times, and that it was generally done by the, Ahem, wiser generation. I did a few searches on Google and click random links and photos. I have come across some great sites, that have taught me allot in only a few weeks. I have trawled through these websites every night. I have been enthralled by the beauty that has been created. And sowed as much as I can I already harder skin.
I have already got a hundred thousand ideas and things I madly want to quilt. I will be putting up my design as I go along. I will also be putting up ideas as soon as I think of them. There will be links to other sites. If you feel a site should be there then please message me the link and I will put it up Asap.

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