Thursday, 18 November 2010

New cross stitch

I have ordered a new cross stitch. It’s a wolf one, bigger then I have done before. Just waiting for it to turn up is driving me mental. Can’t wait to start it. I do a lot of cross stitch in the winter, so I am stocking up. I have a few smaller projects turning up at some point. I tend to get bored so have a few on the go.

so excited , hurry Mr Postman

I have learnt how to Tunisian simple stitch and I have to say I’m addicted. I am waiting for a proper crochet hook for it to turn up. I went into my local sewing shop and they had never heard of it. Thank god for eBay!

I can’t work out how to change colour properly while doing enterlac. It’s been winding me up. I get so far and it looks right then I look again after a couple more rows and it looks like my two year old has tried. I am rubbish at reading patterns and haven’t found the video tutorials much help.

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