Sunday, 16 January 2011


What inspires you to do a cross stitch? Is it the colours? Is it always a theme? Do you only cross stitch for gifts? Will you buy expensive charts or kits or do you shop around?

I like to cross stitch unusual designs. Colours play a big part in what I choice to do. I have problems to tell between similar colours. I tend to shop around. It has taken me nearly 4 hours today to buy a new kit and a floor frame. I have been after a floor frame for years but I haven’t either had the room or the money. Today I said sod it!! And I brought one from an eBay shop. I have only ever used a large hoop. I find it hell to hold as I have problems with my hands and wrists. So I am hoping the floor frame could at least double my stitching time.

Do you use a floor frame? What are your experiences? How do you choose the next cross stitch you do?

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