Saturday, 1 January 2011

Return to a old project - Call of the wilderness.

After finishing the Xmas stocking, finally. I decided to give the previous project another go. I needed up taking the old project to my local craft shop and asking the lady to sort out everything I needed as I didn’t have a clue which threads I had used or would need ,to start again. I also got a lot more fabric which I plan to use in future random projects.
So I got my fabric and threads. I started that night; I was too excited to wait. I marked a grid out. The lady in the shop said it would be best to do a small grid around the main part of the picture then work my way out. So as the wolf is the main part of the picture I marked out the grid surrounding it with cotton and slowly started my first stitch.  I started the 29th December 2010. I have been pretty much glued to it every spare moment in my free time. I am hoping to finish by tomorrow night. Then move on to the second smaller wolf, the two big trees in the fore ground ,then the line of trees behind them, then it would be pretty much filing in the sky and floor. Then the dreaded outlining.
I haven’t got a time limit so I am thinking of this as an ongoing project, while I try other things such as making my own cross stitches, smaller projects and maybe some crocheting, if the feeling takes me.
I have been thinking of making my own cross stitch as I feel like a challenge.  I plan to do a couple of pics I have come across that I haven’t seen cross stitched yet. Mainly terry Pratchett, gothic, and some really weird ones. So hopefully I will find it more rewarding once I have put the first one together, I plan to ask the lady in the shop about how to go about it.

After the 1st night

2nd night

Later the 2nd night

Just before i crawled to bed the 2nd night.

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Rhona said...

I finished this one recently. It looks soooo good stitched, even better than the picture in the package. Looking forward to seeing more of it!