Monday, 11 April 2011

Finally a decent update!!

I apologise for my lack of chatty-ness lately. Information overload! Details can be found here
So onto the stitchey bit.
I have been making progress as you may have seen from the pictures. “Hidden spirits has been progressing well. I’m still not bored of it yet, which is a good sign. She is almost complete and will only take a little more time. I have decided to call her Mai as it is a Sioux woman’s name. It seems a bit nasty to keep calling her she or her. So Mai it is from now on. Hehe
I haven’t touched “elegant kimono “since I got “hidden spirits”. Well once to move it into the cupboard! *hang head in shame*. I will be starting it again when I have finished the cougar and Mai on “hidden spirits”

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