Saturday, 16 July 2011

I stitched!

Hello Fellow Stitchers.

I have stitched! Not alot but a little. I have no pics for you at the moment, as they are on my hard-drive at the moment, due to a re-install. I should be able to post them tommrow.

This week me and Connor went uptown in the search for childrens cross stitch. We found a few but nothing amazing. The only place i could find them was in Wilkosons, not even the two needlework shops up there had them. They had tapersty style ones but not cross stitch. I was quite dissapionted. We also brought a "Sow your own hat kit" which is made of foam, I think it could be fun to do.


Mouse said...

oooo well done .. every little progress helps ... re the little one stitching how about getting some Binca and doing a solid design of colour for him ??? like a balloon or just let him do kisses in lots of different colours ... Anchor do do nice ones but I think they will be a bit too old for him to do .. hope that helps a bit :) love mouse xxxx

Teresa said...

Thanks for following my blog.
Simba's a cute one.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

krystaline said...

Brillaint Thanks for the help.

Yep he is , and he plays on it lol