Saturday, 9 July 2011

It’s been over two weeks and I still haven’t picked up any stitching. I WILL tommmow!!! I feel like I’m wasting my nights by having nothing to show for it. During the day I have been keeping busy with Connor mainly doing arty things. We have made a paper mache pig. It’s been so much fun. Slow progress but fun. Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to start painting it! It’s been nice to have something I can sit down and do with my son. It makes the painful days pass quicker.  So here is Mr Piggy. Connor named him, not bad for a 3 yr old. I wanted to call him pizza or chicken head but Connor wasn’t having any of it!

Mr Piggy

Mr Piggy ready for painting

Connor glueing his hands together

We also did some hand painting in the garden. Which somehow turned into a paint fight! Soon there was paint everywhere. All over the garden all round the house. I stood there in the middle of it all and thought I really shouldn’t have worn my brand new white shorts!

Some of the paintings

We gave the shed a make over

Areas of the house was covered

 Its has been sooooooo much fun!


Mouse said...

ohh that does look like a piggy bank pig :) and mmmm paint everywhere .... a "tidy" home is not a happy home .. the messier with little ones paintings and creativity the better :) love those hand prints on the shed :) love mouse xxxxx

krystaline said...

Hi, Thanks for the comment.
we still havent managed to paint him as the sides started to cave in , so we have spent a few days reinforcing them.
all the pictures he painted we have put up in his bedroom. there was so many of them that they go the whole way around his bedroom. :)