Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Great news, and update on Strength

I really am sorry that I haven’t posted the guest post, my dad is a very busy man, but he has said that he will have it written up by tonight hopefully. So I thought while were waiting for my dad I would tell you my amazing news!!
Kiki one of our cats gave birth to four kittens early hours this morning! They are so cute and all seem to be healthy. Even the runt of the litter is strong enough to push its brothers/sisters out of the way for milk. I think it’s pretty safe to say that the ginger tom that has been hanging around is the father. I just wish she hadn’t given birth in my underwear drawer!

Simba seems a little lost at the moment, he goes up stairs has a look at the kittens, comes down meows at me, wanders about then finally settles. Only to go and check on them a few minutes later and it starts all over again.

There has been progress on Strength. I have finished the black on the dragon, and started to stitch a small border around the edge of the design. Still no ideas about what quote/poem to put on the reverse, but as Sir Terry Pratchett has a new book out in October I might find something suitable in there. 


Teresa said...

I wish I could come over and hold those adorable little kitties.
Keep us updated on them.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

krystaline said...

they are so cute!! i will do there will be lots of pics over the next few posts! :)