Sunday, 21 August 2011


Well progress has been made on “Strength”. After starting the black leafy bit, I decided to do some of the green otherwise I would end up confusing myself. There’s still so much work to be done on it, but after adding the recent green bits I have, I think it’s going to stitch up quicker then I thought. I might even be able to – dare I say it – get it finished before I put the finishing touches on the baby announcement I worked on for Steve’s brother.

A kitten pic. Kiki’s kittens are now 5 days old and very very cute. Lately Kiki seems to be a little reluctant to stay with them. I don’t know if it’s because there a little older and don’t need her there constantly, or she’s lost interest in them. If it gets and worse or she stays out any longer then she already is then I will have to start bottle feeding them. Oh well waking up every two hours isn’t anything new to me, just means a little extra cross stitch time.

Next up is chives and coriander. Over the last few weeks I have had this urge to plant and grow things. Flowers, herbs, fruit , veg, trees....,..anything I want to grow it. I have never been a green fingered person, I had an herb garden while living with my parents, and it’s really overgrown now though.

This weekend me and Connor have had fun things planned. We planted the herbs pictured above. Made a sow your own hat, pictured below. Made lots of yummy cakes. Watched films had an extremely late night playing with one of his friends. And did some painting.

Painting the pig I agreed to, painting the walls, himself, the floors and my plants I did not. Oh nearly forgot painting the ceiling. Honestly I was only gone a few seconds. It took me over an hour to clean up. While I was taking the photo he said” look mum!” so proud of his artwork. Maybe he will be an artist just like his granddad!

My dad wrote a guest post for me if you missed it go check it out here


Stitching Noni said...

oh, such sweet kittens! Just love them when they are that age (well, love them at any age really) ;o) So tiny....

Connor definitely had a great time with his painting!

Something else that is good to grow is "cat grass". We have tubs of that in the outside area and also inside for the boys to munch on... it is really easy to grow. Hope your coriander and chives do well - love the smell of fresh coriander ;0)

Joysze said...

The kittens are so precious!!! Love your herbs, I try and put coriander into almost everything I cook, and ROFL at Connor. He looks like he had a LOT of fun. :D

krystaline said...

@ Stitching Noni- The kittens are amazing, should be opening there eyes in the next few days.

@ Joysze- Connor always enjoys paint. wearing it more then playing with it lol