Sunday, 11 September 2011

Pic heavy update!

Not a lot of stitching has gone on I’m afraid haven’t been too well during the week, and decided instead of trying to fight it I would give in. I even came home from Dream dragons early.
So here is the progress on “strength” not much about 300 stitches of bloody dmc 364 I’m starting to hate this colour! The thing that makes me hate it even more is that I am nowhere near finished with the sodding colour. Please excuse the mess.

Dream dragons are a theatre group that I have been part of for almost 16years. A lot of my family are members are help run it. My granddad is the treasurer and the dame in most shows. My aunt and my dad are on the committee and act too. My mum managed front of house, she used to act but her health has got too bad for it now. It was the first time I had seen many of the members for a good few months so I was hoping for a catch up. I ended up in bed before the rehearsal had even finished. So feel free to have a giggle over some of the performance pics.

My dad as "Toad"
My dad again
My Aunt in the middle and my Grandad as the Dame in Aladin
The Cast in Aladin
For my birthday which is next week my wonderful, absolutely amazing partner brought me a new fancy camera. And today he had finally had enough of the nagging and let me have a play. I have no clue what half the things on there do but it’s amazing. He has rather cruelly put it away till me birthday now.
The kittens are doing well, and can even get out the linen cupboard. A couple of times I have came down to get a drink in the middle of the night and found one trying to make its great escape. Mummy cat doesn’t seem all to bothered about them wandering around the house. She is feeding them fine and cleaning them so I’m wondering if it’s just me being over protective.


Lonneke said...

I hope you are feeling better.
Changing projects will sometimes help not to get too fed up with a particular color.
The theater pictures are nice and the kittens are so cute!

Joysze said...

I hope you're all better. I feel your pain about that color.... I did a crapload of 939 on my HAED piece and if I never see that color again, it won't be too soon. ;)

Great costuming!! Love your green dad. Hehehe. The kittens are adorable, as usual.

Siobhan said...

I hope you're feeling better! The kittens are just adorable--oh my gosh, too cute.

Your stitching is lovely! I enjoyed looking at the pictures of the plays, too.

krystaline said...

@lonneke- i cant wait to change projects but im determined to have it finished by my dads birthday :) i should make it i think lol.

@joysze- yep im feeling better thank you. My dad actually shaved his head to do that show he used to have really long hair lol.

@siobhan- the kittens are so much fun to watch. im going to be very sad to see them go :(