Sunday, 18 September 2011

wonderful weekend

It’s been a busy week here. The only time I managed to stitch was Friday. My son goes to nursery all day, a full day of craftiness! Doesn’t that sound like heaven? I stitched until I lost feeling in my fingers then I stitched some more. So here’s the progress on “Strength”

As of Friday

It was my birthday on Saturday and I got spoilt rotten. Coffee in bed ,flowers ,amazing presents, homemade birthday cake baked by my wonderful partner who also spent a good 4 hours in the kitchen cooking a amazing Chinese for me and my parents. My partner brought me a fancy camera. My son brought me a case to keep it in. a digital photo frame from the both of them .and a mini sewing machine from my parents. Steve also got Connor the sweetest card, and put his hand prints in it.
Card from connor
Connor showing you a card
My flowers, trying to get a fancy pic of one of the cats sniffing them, this is the best i got lol

The kittens are doing well and driving us mental they are into everything and now have the run of the house. They have even started to play with the cat tree
Cute kitten pic


Lonneke said...

Happy birthday!
It sounded like you had a good time.
And you made a lot of progress on Strength.
The kittens are very cute!
So a good weekend all around. Great!

krystaline said...

Hi! Thank you :D
It was wonderfull best birthday ive had in years :)

Joysze said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! :) Glad to hear you had a fabulous one.

Aww look at the kitties.... they're getting so big. Strength looks great.... wonderful progress on it. :D

Topcho said...

Great progress on Strenght! And late bday wishes. Sounds like you had lots of fun!