Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Happy Dance!!!

A new baby is finished. Well the stitching is. I plan on making this into a pillow, which was my partner’s idea! I just have to wait till I have the pennies for the material.  I would love to say thank you to the 2 very kind ladies that sent me the key chart for a new baby after I had lost mine. Without their help I wouldn’t have been able to finish. I randomly emailed around 9 people I have never spoken to before and asked for the colour symbol part of the chart and I received emails from these 2 lovely ladies. If you every see this you are both STARS!!!

So the million pound question is...da da da...what do I stitch now?

I still have black rose to finish, tribal dragon I could start in a week or so (I’m just waiting for the hand dyed fabric to be delivered). There’s elegant kimono but it’s just not calling to me. Call of the wilderness isn’t tickling my fancy and hidden spirits isn’t screaming” finish me finish me”. I have a few small Xmas kits but there my travel pieces so I don’t want to spoil my travel time. I was thinking that black rose would be best but I need to lengthen the fabric as I started too high. So I might attempt that in a little bit.

Don’t forget I have a giveaway going on it will run till the 30th. If you wish to enter then please comment on the giveaway page. I will be adding a few more little bits to the giveaway. Once this giveaway has ended I will be holding a xmas giveaway which I must admit I have already started collecting for (please don’t tell my partner :P )

I have had my new framey thing turn up. It’s a q-snap frame. I saw that quite a few of you use them and I have to say it is heaven! So easy to hold light, chunky. The only problem is getting the fabric taught but my wonderful other half has that duty now


Mouse said...

awww well done .. and great you managed to get the key for it ... have you decided what to stitch next then ??? love mouse xxx

RuthB said...

That's adorable--absolutely adorable. Congrats on the finsih... and on the opportunity to start something new!

Joysze said...

So cute!!! Congrats on the finish. :D Looking forward to seeing your next WIP. :)

Stitching Noni said...

New baby is gorgeous! Well done. Look forward to seeing it when you finish it as a pillow - good choice :o)