Saturday, 26 November 2011

New Start - Tribal Dragon

I have finally kitted up “Tribal Dragon” by Sparklies. I brought the chart ages ago but had to concentrate on other pieces before I could even think about getting started. I have chosen different fabric then what is suggested. I love the red fabric but thought it might be a bit scary for my son .He is mad about dragons so this will properly end up in his bedroom. It took me forever to choose this fabric and by the end my partner refused to even look at any more fabric pics.

I have spent a good 3 days just doing the gridding. Its drove me mad and I have had to remind myself constantly that it is so worth it. I haven’t gridded like this before and it was a lot slower than the way I normally grid. But looks so good. Does it always take that long?  Tomorrow I will be starting the dragon! I can’t wait. I have decided to name him “Smaug”, the dragon from the Hobbit.


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Stitching Noni said...

Hi There! Look forward to seeing your progress on this great design.

Promise will send an email soon to catch up on all the news!