Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Feeling frazzled

I have done a fair bit of stitching though it doesn’t really show as the stitches are so small lol.
I had planned on updating a little while ago but thought it would be better to wait till after half term has finished. Is anyone else completely frazzled by the end of half term?
We have been really busy. We had Mandeville the class mascot to stay and took him on lots of fun adventures. Baking cakes, the zoo, and the park, friends and families houses. We only had one day (after the zoo) where we did nothing.
We have also been looking into doing a mutual house exchange-our 2 bed for their 3bed. But after lots of viewings and us signing all the paperwork she changed her mind L
So lots of pics:

My partner feeding a Emu

Driving Mandeville round the park

Playing in the park

Posing in the Pirate ship at the zoo

Making cakes with Mandeville
Connors award i mentioned in my last post

Stitching so far


sharine said...

Great photos:)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Hah! You're the family everyone will curse when they only take Mandeville to the supermarket and the park LOL.

In some schools the diary gets very competitive, our's was not so bad. One child took the bear to the pub to see her Nanny dancing! Not sure what that was all about LOL.

Love the tribal dragon.

krystaline said...

Jo- I hope so , the last time we had the mascot the child before us had him for Xmas. Was a nightmare trying to beat that!!