Friday, 15 February 2013

Proud Mummy

Wow i was amazed at how well the giveaway went. I will be planning another very soon.
Just a quick update,nothing stitchey to show as my camera is having issues thanks to connor playing with it, i managed to change it back to English from Chinese but now it wont reconise my memory card or accept that i have put fresh batterys in it!!
Other then killing me camera Connor has been doing great. Today he recieved a award from the school for most improved pupil, which he had to collect from the Head teacher in assembly. He has also brought the school mascot home for the half term. I am so proud of him. He had a rocky start and some behavoiur problems but he has overcome them and made me extreamly proud.
Esmai cut her first tooth two days ago. I forgot how much fun teething was, hopefully the worst is behaind us lol.
I have been stitching on "Tribal dragon" and have been working on the wing. I think it os going to take forever. The stitches are so small i am strugglying to see them and have decieded its now time to get my eyes tested again lol.

Well thats all i got to say for the moment, hopefully my next post i will be able to post pics of a few things i would like you to see.

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Minnie said...

Congratulations to Connor on his great improvements at school.